August Goals

Production: at least 75 items, keep it under 150 this is still summer break

Fitness: upper body toning, keep working on the treadmill for the knee

DIY: Embroider Whip It quote, dye for and cast on Pogona (Rav link)

Photography: sift through piles of photos, sort and copy for friends (current back to May)

Yucky: make doctor and hair appointments, electrical guy, roof guy

Light box: finish it!

Studio: declutter.  Don’t organize everything!  Just get rid of the dross


Creativity Boot Camp

I need a bit of a jump start.  Luckily I found one while scanning the charming One Pearl Button blog.  It’s Creativity Boot Camp!  I’m ever so excited.

Most of the participants seem to be using photography as their medium of choice.  A distant second is writing.  There’s a scattering of mixed media and some paper arts.  I think I’m the only dyer.  In honor of Boot Camp here’s my favorite recent creative photograph.

Quinn at our spring break celebration picnic

To prepare I thought I’d spend some time with my creativity notebook.  I didn’t even know where it was.  Not too long ago it was constantly by my side.  Once found the final entry was most telling.  It was from February and lamented the lack of time and attention my creative life was getting.  Hmmmm….

Pointy goodness

One of my most wonderful gifts this holiday season was a huge pile of the only kind of knitting needle I truely love. Since the last Olympics I have been picking knitting projects that work on the one I had earlier. I’m about to cast off. What shall I knit next? What yarn? What colorway?

White Christmas Eve Eve

The most lovely, perfect, HUGE snow flakes. They fell so languidly. Not the best pictue, not bad for an iPhone held by a shivering mama!

Thrifting haul

Late, but here as promised. I have been thinking about this place ever so much. My in-laws gave my a gift certificate for Christmas. That just about triples my style school budget. yay!
Fish salt and pepper shakers for BiL who *loves* fishing
Army men are for one of my fave kids at Tea Kwon Do
Beaker will be used in photographing blank yarn and dyeing in action
The fans are the real prize! some for my mom for her dolls, some for my girl and the rest for random projects. I think one or a small grouping will end up in a shadow box (style school bonus from LA) and one will be perfect as a pull on an accordian album in an altoid tin.

My new favorite shop

While out getting the few chain store gifts on our list (can’t find sporting goods either indie or handmade) we stopped into a crappy looking “mega Mall”. oh. my. goodness. my sweet girl had been to a sleep over so she was already dragging. I wanted to stay allllll day! I found swanky antiques, vintage lovelies, boxes of junk, toys and furniture. *LOVE*. I even managed to find some gifts. I’ll photograph what I bought soon. For now here’s a collection of rolling pin awesomeness!

Yarn Cones?

I have 100 yarn cones that would look just fetching covered in sequins and glitter glue. And yarn! and maybe some nice papers. and more yarn! and google eyes and scraps of ribbon and buttons! I wish that I didn’t have to sleep. My home would be so tidy, attractive and quirky!