I do *not* want to get up

Too tired. Stress has overwhelmed me. A nap would really hit the spot.


Welcome Ash

We have a new friend. He hasn’t passed a vet inspection yet and he’s obviously got a few helth problems (minor I devoutly hope). But he’s sweet and cuddly and funny. Oh, Ash… Please be healthy!

Bitchin’ day!

I am having a delicious day off! Yesterday was for equipment malfunctions/breakdown and the insuing panic and stress. Today is for catching up on my chores (doesn’t sound bitchin’ but a tidy home=a tidy spirit for me) and doing some fun creating! Next on the agenda: shopping with Hazel. Woo hoo!

My favorite

My husband is my favorite. Ever. He’s there for me. And he loves me all the way. Just as I am. Some days I’m shocked that he puts up with me. Others I’m surprised that I can still stand him. We’re both very human, so that makes sense. Most of the time I’m crazy, blitzed in love with this man. He inspirs me. He brings out the best in me. He is a true partner.

Off to the shelter

Today Chi is bringing the fam to a ferret rescue shelter to meet scads of fuzzies in need of a good home. He’s hoping to find a compatible buddy. I’m hoping to get some good pictures!

New photos

Oh lovely yarn and roving photos… Why are you stuck on the laptop with no power source? How am I supposed to get you edited and uploaded? So close. Yet so very, very far.

Sick day

Blech. Work was already backed up to a hazardous degree. My my. There’s a bright spot: knitting time!